Design Ancient Crocodile Locomotive 10277 train

LEGO is always launching new and amazing sets, but this time LEGO has launched such a thrilling train set for train lovers after 7 years. Not only will it be very happy to see this but the LEGO set is named Crocodile Locomotive 10277.

Crocodile Locomotive design is made inspired by Swiss Federal Railways train, first built between 1919 and 1927. Really Lego has revealed this awesome train set on 1 July 2020 this is the best technic lego set for adult toy who is a train lover.

Crocodile Locomotive 10277

Crocodile locomotive 10277 train set includes 1271 pieces when these all pieces assembled we found a brown electric motor train look wonder-full which realizes that we are still in the 1919 century.

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Features of Crocodile locomotive 10277

Crocodile locomotive 10277
  • Two Minifigure are available which act as a Machinic in train
  • Work as a steam strain and electric train
  • Automatically controlled by a mobile app that works as a remote controller.
  • Fantastic Rail track
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Its front wheel is movable in 160 degrees if you make a rail track in round or in an elliptical shape the train wheel automatically turns. It has featured moving up-down also and all Train coaches can be move as a train engine direction like a real train.

This train model size 6 inch is high, 20.5 inches long, and 3.5 inches wide, making it a beautiful display piece to show off with pride.


What is the best Lego train set in 2020?

  • Right now, the best Lego train set is Crocodile locomotive 10277. It fully assembled with 1271 pieces and looks awesome after complete in brown in color.
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