Pink Lego set for 4 years old

To make your children creative, give them a Lego gift, and encourage them. Make your children smart since childhood so that they can walk step by step with this smart era. Lego can help you to make your children creative and smart.

We have made the list of Pink Lego set for 4 years old or above that, your child must like.

LEGO Pink Brick Box 4625

Pink Lego set

  • Model No. » 4625
  • Pieces » 224
  • Minifigures » 01
  • Size » 11.34 x 7.68 x 7.56 inches
  • Age » 4 – 6 year
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This Pink Lego set is awesome, it has too many tiny bricks and accessories, such as plate, croissant, tires, windows, door, steering wheel, and a female Minifigure.

It includes a storage box that you can store all the small bricks set in this box and carry anywhere. That’s the best feature of this lego set. It can be remade easily after damaging and instruction also easy to understand for child.

One of the features of this set is you can reuse the storage box anywhere in any work.

People mostly asked

Qus : What is the number of bricks in Lego 4625?

Ans : There is 224 bricks in Lego 4625.

Pink Lego Set Box Large 5560

Pink Lego set

  • Model No. » 5560
  • Pieces » 402
  • Minifigures » 01
  • Size » 14.84 x 8.66 x 7.56  inches
  • Age » 4 years and above

If you have a little kid approximate 4 years old then this will be the best lego toy for your kid. It has included 12 wonderful colors and shapes which finally build a fantastic house.

In this house, Lego has added some accessories such as Brush, cups, pot, golden cup, flowers, fences, windows, and wheels. There is also 1 Minifigure and 402 pieces. Adults also create this lego set and you can check here the best challenging lego technic sets for adults.

All in One Pink Box of Fun 10571

  • Model No. »10571
  • Pieces » 65
  • Minifigures » 01
  • Size » 14.55 x 7.05 x 7.09  inches
  • Age » 1.5 years to 4 years 
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Provide your kids with this All-In-One Pink Box Set to enjoy, it can be their initial Lego set that leads them to create a creative. There are special elements such as windows, a cute bunny, hen and number bricks which also teach them to count.

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